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At the heart of BBrose is a vision of inclusivity and self-expression. We are committed to providing makeup that celebrates diversity, allowing everyone to embrace their individuality and express themselves with confidence.

Our Customers Testimonial


"BBrose's Dry Eyeliner is a game-changer! It gives me the sharpest cat-eye every time. I can't imagine my makeup routine without it."

Amy L.

Los Angeles, CA


"I've tried countless foundations, but BBrose's Luminous Skin Foundation is truly exceptional. It's lightweight, provides perfect coverage, and leaves my skin glowing. I'm in love!"

Sara M.

Dubai, UAE


"The Vivid Dreams Eyeshadow Palette is my go-to for bold and creative eye looks. The pigmentation is unbelievable, and the colors blend like a dream. BBrose nailed it with this one!"

Lucas G.

Chicago, Illinois.


"BBrose's Luxury BB Cream is my everyday hero. It's like magic in a tube; it evens out my skin, hydrates, and offers sun protection. Can't live without it!"

Sophie W.

Shanghai, China.


"I'm obsessed with BBrose's Ultimate Lipstick Collection! So many beautiful shades, and the texture is fabulous. I'm always receiving compliments on my lips!"

Olivia R.

Denver, Colorado.